SCKLM 2017 - A Warm Up Race

Returning from the 5 months of hibernation and this SCKLM was my first race of the year. I haven't been doing much FM specific training recently so I didn't do quite well in the race. I didn't set any target and was hoping to run with following my HR which is to start with about 150 (80%) and end with 170 (90%) but half way into the race, at about km-4, I caught up with Ewe Bee Hong. Not quite sure why somehow we just ran together. I'd never met her in person but she is no stranger to me. She is one of the famous runners in Malaysia, always one of the top 3 winners! I ran with her from km-5 to km-31. I threw away my HR theory and just followed her all the way. We hold on to about 5:20 pace until km-31 which I bonked and slow down. I told her to go on and eventually she made it to the champion in her category! I was so glad that she won and managed to crack sub-3:45! She sped up after I dropped off, looks like I was holding her up. Haha!

KM-34, almost wanted to cry :P

Gathering before the race!

My HR went up very quickly when following her. It raised to about 5 beats higher than planned. At about km-20, it reached about 165 which I wished it could stay below 160 so I knew I would fuck up soon and no miracle happened, at about km-30, I had that sensation feeling in my both legs especially the left thigh and I knew it would come soon so I had to slow down. The last 11km was just dreadful. It took me more than 80 minutes to complete! Haha! Thanks to all the bro and sis who cheered me up and offered help during the run.

I finished the race in 4hr 10min. 2 mins faster than my personal worst in SCKLM. LOL! LUCKILY! But it's ok, this is kinda like my "warm up" race which marked the end of the base phase. Picked the wrong distance though. Should have picked the shorter one like HM or 10k but no fun if not running the full marathon in one of our biggest local running events. At least I got to meet a lot of old friends and made some new friends. And people, this is an AIMS certified route, the distance is 42.195km regardless what your GPS device tells you. There is this thing called "GPS-inaccuracy" terminology. Trust your gut and the distance marker set up by Dirigo. You should doubt when it's the distance marker from other organizer but not this one! In other words, you do not need to convert your pace/time to 42.195km, the net time is your real official time for the 42.195km! :D Congrats to all the finishers and winners!

四大爆神 - 4 Pecah King


I'm sure I will run this every year, I don't want to miss it, it's the BEST running event in Malaysia. I can see that the organizer spent a lot of efforts to improve and promote it. That's how you should organize a race. You listen, you learn and you rectify! This time it looks flawless to me! Hats off to Rainer and the team!


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