Seremban HM - The Revenge

Form wasn't very good recently. Indeed it was quite bad (it's like never good before! LOL!), I thought last year when I couldn't make it to the top 20 in Seremban HM was bad enough but this year I was even slower. Last year I did 1:30; this year I pushed so hard only 1:34. But last year was more competitive, last year even though 1:30 but I couldn't make it to the top 20. This year was slow but I got 19th! Successfully revenge for myself! Haha.

The slow time was expected though the podium wasn't. I was quite dilemma these few days even in the race day morning I still couldn't decide if I should DNS. Seremban is not that near, it took me about 50 mins drive. My form wasn't great and I didn't want to wake up so early, waste time going so far to race and came back empty hand. But I felt guilty if I DNS and if I didn't race I still had to do my long run alone so why not just race it! Luckily I won something. Enough to cover my registration fees, petrol and tolls. More importantly, it's some sort of motivation. Winning is always good. Haha. I hope I will be more motivated to train after this.

The run itself was just blah, nothing much to brag about it as I couldn't run fast. Just ran without any target and without thinking too much. I was basically alone the whole route after the first 5k. This is the first race after my last shitty SCKLM race. Hopefully the no form streak ended here and I can have my winning streak back soon enough!

With Women Champion on my left and 4th on my right!

Choi fern, Lili and Peter, we all got the Pewter!

The limited edition pewter for top 50 runners! I got 19th!