SCKLM 2016 - Mission Failed

I did badly in the SCKLM yesterday. It was my bread and butter race and we didn't get to run last year due to the haze. This is also one of the very few well organized and high quality local marathons that I would join every year so no matter how much I didn't prepare I would still run it. This time I came unprepared again. I was down with dengue one month ago and suffered from flu a few days ago. I didn't train enough too. The longest run I did was the TM Fan 21km and others were merely a few 10~14km runs. However I felt that I was OK to run. My plan was to pace Michelle and hope I could keep up with her. Not sure if I overestimated myself or I wasn't really aware that I wasn't fit enough to handle this, I didn't expect it to be easy but I also didn't think that it would be so tough. The whole situation just didn't cross my mind.

At the starting line, haha!

Our plan was to run the first half faster. 5:00 pace for the first half and 5:15 for the second half so that even slow down to 6:00 for the last 10km we could still achieve 3:45 "easily". Yea, I thought it would be "easily". I was so wrong! Not long into the run I felt not quite right already, my HR reach 170 so quickly. No way I could handle this so I adjusted my expectation and prepared to puncit anytime soon. I told Michelle I would cramp this time. At about 28~29km, my body couldn't take it anymore, I told her to go on without me and everything went downhill so quickly. From 5-ish pace to couldn't even handle 6:00 pace, had to walk at almost every water stations. I hadn't cramped yet, it just the body refused to work harder.

The real cramp happened at about 30-ish km started with my left quad then every other muscles followed like a symphony. There were so well coordinated, every muscle took their chances to cramp, so harmony. Damn it! Not only the legs, the upper body, neck, shoulder, back, waist and the stomach too! So funny when I asked for the 100 plus, my stomach cramped and I couldn't complete the sentence! So embarrassing! Everything happened after that was quite the same as the typical cramping cases. Stop, walk, limp, chase time, motivated, demotivated, etc and repeat. LOL!

Surviving mode at 34km point

I was very close to giving up but as usual, the crowd and the cheers at the last few km always make me to run faster. If I could maintain 6:00 pace, I could have made it to sub-4 but yea, my mind just wasn't there anymore so I followed the 4:00 pacers and finished with 4:00:27. LOL, so close to sub-4 but at that moment, sub-4 or not didn't really matter already. They were the same, just bad!

In whatever way, we nailed it! Congrats all!

Many people wonder who this cool girl is!
Go ask her yourself, she comes to puma too. :P

They are one of the reasons why I often join SCKLM.
It's a runner anniversary gathering! You get to meet almost everyone here!

Luckily Michelle made it to the top 10 but a bit wasted that she didn't achieve her sub-3:45. It was so close! I felt so bad, she could have done it if I could keep up. Shame on me! I hope she is alright and able to achieve it soon!

I didn't do well but still it was so fun. Runners' gathering is one of the reasons why I must sign up this run every year. Most Malaysians are running on this day, we get to meet and keep in touch with a lot of our long lost running friends. The race was well organized. I heard some complaints about the traffic and the baggage area but they didn't really affect me so overall I enjoy it very much.

What now? Time to think of what to do next and to kill my post race emptiness. :D