TM Fan Run - First Race Post-Dengue

Fitness went down the drain after dengue and had to run this race 2 weeks after discharging from the hospital. Despite knowing that I wasn't fit enough to run any good result, I still planned to run my best effort.

My plan was to hold on to 4:30~4:35 pace but 3km into the run, I knew this was going to be very tough. The HR was still on point but my body was contradicting itself. It was getting heavier and heavier so I decided to slow down. William and Masaaki slowly left Michelle, Aiden and I for dust. Aiden started to speed off too after 8km. It was fun running with Michelle, the women first runner up of the race, so proud of her! It was the first time running with her actually. We had a long 21km gossip session and she still decided to run another 9km after the race to complete her 30km LSD! What?! It looked so easy for her! We were running at quite a fast pace, she talked and made fun all the way and she continued to run another 9k. After all this, she could still win 2nd place! OMG, so imba! I'm jealous! LOL!

Before the finish line, couldn't remember what we were talking about,
looked so happy!

Made some new friends in this race too!

Many friends did very well too in this race! Everyone was improving! I felt very sore on my legs as the route was quite hilly, the aerobic was OK though. I think I just need more strength and core training. Not ready for SCKLM again this time. 3 more weeks to the race and I was supposed to taper after this race but now I'm just running aimlessly. Newton 15km race this Sunday, good luck to me!