Newton 15km - Time To Taper

Almost DNS the race due to oversleeping. I set my alarm for 4am but it was raining and the weather was so nice to sleep so the 2nd time I woke up it was almost 5am! My 15km actually started at 6:30am but Alan was holding my bib and he ran 30km which started at 5:30am so I had to reach before that. The race was in Puchong, no way I could make it so I decided to DNS. Then he told me his gf was running 15km so she could wait for me! Luckily and thank both of them so much! But still, it was raining heavily, such a nice cozy weather, I have no idea why I wanted to torture myself to wake up so early for this. Damn!

Newton 2016

Rain stopped when I left home but then it rained again when I reach Puchong. The race was still carried on though. Took my bib and warm up a little then the race started. Knowing that my form wasn't great and the route was hilly, I set my target pace to 4:40. It should be moderate hard effort but I think I over estimated myself, the last 4km wasn't as "easy" as what I expected. I just wanted to maintain the even pace but it wasn't as easy. I had to run close to my max. HR spiked up to 92~94% of my max! Finally I reach the finish line with the time of 1:06:06, GPS was 14.38km, under distance a little bit. But not too bad, I'm quite satisfied.

Bud, hope I can keep up with him in the SCKLM!

Vincent, long time no see! Welcome back to the running community!

Wind Runnres, we have quite a number of podium runners today!

It was a smart decision that the organizer changed the race to 2 weeks before the SCKLM, it used to be held in December. So this time many runners took this as the last chance for the long run training. Most of the runners was in superb form and did very well! OK, that's it, last race for me before the SCKLM, see you guys again 2 week later!