BDB Langkawi Climb & Run Route Preview

It was my honor to be invited by the organizer to join the BDB Langkawi Climb & Run Route Preview event. Flight, transport, accommodation and food were all sponsored! This was also my first time going to the Langkawi! The offer was just too good to resist so I joined without hesitating much.

The Discover Kedah 2016 BDB Series

The run was actually a 3 series runs which made up of BDB Langkawi Climb & Run, BDB Jitra Extreme and BDB Jitra Marathon. We can sign up all 3 of them in one combo package called "Triple Challenge" with a much cheaper price - RM200! This one that I joined was the route preview for BDB Climb & Run.

Ariff - The Race Director

Zi Shen - The handsome! :P

Below are the details and the links for these 3 runs:

1. BDB Langkawi Climb & Run:
- Total of 18km with 4287 steps of stairs and run 15km downhill on tarmac road at Gunung Raya which is the highest mountain in Langkawi!

2. BDB Jitra Extreme:
- An obstacle run at the Darul Aman Park, Jitra Kedah.

3. BDB Jitra Marathon:
- 4 categories of different distances will be held at the Darul Aman Park, Jitra Kedah, which are FM, HM, 10km and 5km fun run.

4. BDB Combo Package:
- Which contains all 3 runs above with a much cheaper price!

Some info about the stairs.

Pre run group photo! Can't wait to run!

The most important stuff to do - pre run selfie. :D

I came this time is to recce the Climb & Run route so on Sunday morning, I joined the team for the killer climbs! The 4287 steps is definitely no kidding. If you are looking for something outside your comfort zone to challenge, this is the run that you must join! If you need some idea on how tough the 4287 steps is, this is something you can refer to:

- KL Tower stairs is 2058 steps, so this one is like running KL Tower twice ONLY!
- Batu Caves stairs is 272 steps, so this one is like running Batu Caves 16x ONLY!

Hehe! Not too hard right? I'm very weak at stairs and hills, so after the first 1000 steps I was nearly KO and had to walk extremely slow! There was no handrail at the middle part of the stairs so I had to rely on a stick I found to support myself and I had to stop and rest every few hundred steps. LOL! Deo, Jerome and others disappeared from my sight after like less than 1000 steps! So imba! They used only 50 minutes to reach the peak while I spent almost 1 hour and 5 mins. 15 minutes more, OMG! I felt like running a Marathon at the end of the stairs! I couldn't feel my legs and I am still suffering from DOMS today even it's already more than 3 days! The elevation gain was about 750m and distance was about 3km long.

The stairs are well maintained!

At the 3100th, half dying!

Chilling on top of the Gunung Raya!

After the climb we had to run a 15km downhill on tarmac road. Downhill was fun too but it was not as easy as I thought because downhill hurt my knee so I had to be very careful with my landing. The whole journey took me about 3 hours. We spent quite long time after the stairs taking photos because the view at the top of the mountain was just so awesome! If minus the time I spent on the sight seeing and photos, it would be about 2.5 hours for the whole run.

The last 1km going back to the finishing! Together with Deo!

This is my GPS record:

Please note that the actual route on the race day might be different from what I share here. Organiser is still fine tuning things to give runners the best experience they could offer!

I am helping to promote the event so please let me know if you need more information. I can find out more for you! There will be prizes for top 3 finishers too! Please check it out!

First time been to Subang Airport! LOL! 

On the way to the hotel.

Schedule and program briefing

View from the hotel!

The beach!


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