Larian Gegar - The Endless Climb

UM Bukit Cinta has become my usual training ground these days. With a lot of training being done there, I'm quite familiar with it. Judging from the recent fitness I thought I could run with an average 4:30 pace in the Larian Gegar race yesterday morning but I couldn't because of some extra route that they added were just too hilly which I didn't account for. It was a very hilly race. It's the 2nd hilliest in my list so far. The first in my opinion is still the Taman Botani Shah Alam!

The race started at the UM swimming pool. Not many fast runners joined this race as there were many races clashed yesterday so I could stick with the lead pack and count my position from the beginning. William and I ran neck and neck the whole race. We started with the slightly out of 10th positions and overtook people slowly. This route was damn crazy. We had to run the same route twice. At about 1 to 2km into the 2nd loop, we managed to climb up to 4th and 5th place and locked onto them. It sounds like I ran negative pace but I wasn't. My splits were slightly positive too. The first loop timing was 45:42 (4:30/km) and the second loop was 46:39 (4:35/km). Not too bad but it could be better.

The long and crazy uphill was the well known Bukit Cinta 900m uphill and they added a lot of new routes which we had to turn inside and make a u-turn to come out. Almost all the u-turn (I think all of them!) were the up and down hills! The endless hills were the real tortures, my body was actually alright but the mental wasn't! When you know there is a hill in front waiting for you, there will be noises in your head telling you to give up and slow down. The tiredness of running up a hill is very different from the tiredness of running all out on a flat. They are both torturing but to me even without all out, just by running up a hill with slightly hard effort it's enough torturing!

Friends who joined the run. Congrats to everyone!

After 1:32:21, I finished the race and got myself a 4th placing. The time wasn't great but with that much of hills, with close to 90km weekly mileage and the 20+12km runs the day before, I'm quite happy with it. This was the first and also my last race after the cancelation of the SCKLM and before my goal race. The goal race is 3 weeks from now, I'm not sure if I'm ready for it as I can't really tell my form yet but I will accept whatever the result is.

Woohoo, I'm grateful! :)

It's the great week for my running friends especially the Wind Runners, Pacemakers and also the #tracktuesday.

Team Track Tuesday!
2 Champions, 4th and 5th!

As usual, champion despite knee pain, sick and cough. :P