Cyberjaya Firefighter Night Run - An Unexpected Win

All happened when I didn't hope!

My this year best so far!

No sure what to prepare

It was a night run. First night run in this year. It's been so long until I kind of forgot how to run a night run and I remember I couldn't perform well in most of my night runs. Like the Shape Run and BSN Run every year, I had never raced them well. The most horrible one was the Energizer Run 4 years ago which I DNF; almost fainted and went into the ambulance so I kept having the impression that the night runs suck.

So this time it was the same, I was still not in the racing mode until like 1 hour before the race. The weather was so hot. I couldn't decide if I should take dinner and I forgot to carbo load. I forgot to buy 100 plus and gel. I didn't set any target and didn't know what pace to run with which was quite rare. Don't laugh man, I'm that DDLY and particular when come to running, I feel uncomfortable without doing them. They are like my running rituals. LOL! Luckily I still managed to grab a small piece of cake before the race and bought 2 gels at the GNC shop beside the cafe.

Starting line

The race was scheduled to start at 8pm. I warmed up a little and got ready at the starting line. There were many big races on that day so not many people joining this one. It was fun counting my odds at the starting line, not many people but still I spotted a few threats because the cash prize for this race was quite high. There was some hope for the top 10 and I have never thought of winning top 5 because the cash prize is just so not my thing some more only for 5 people. The chances were so slim!

At the starting line with Allan and the
Women 1st runner up Kah Mun

Flag off

Without a solid target I was still hoping to run my best so the best strategy for me was to listen to my heart. Based on the tempo run few days ago I was quite confident that I could do a sub-4:20 provided it was not a crazy hilly course. The race flagged off and I ran with keeping my HR below 170 which was well below 88% for the first 5km. I stick with Osman and Lewis for the first 3km and slowly overtook the other runners, started with Kean Wooi at km-4, then Teck Yong at km-6, Song Hua at km-7, Munintaran at km-9. The position was locked after this. Actually it was locked after Kean Wooi because Teck Yong, Song Hua and Munintaran were veterans and I counted my position was #7 overall and #6 in men open.

At about km-5 Mike who ran the 10km ran pass me. Glad that I was able to watch in live how 3 min pace looked like. It was so fast and so lonely that I thought he went wrong route. LOL! Nobody behind him even 3 minutes after he ran passed me. God speed!

Counting the odds

I was hoping to cut one more because I knew one of the 6 guys in front was the veteran elite Vadivelu and if I could cut one more I would be #5 in men open for the cash prize! But too bad no one within my sight in the entire second half until the u-turn at about km-19, I saw Chin Keong at about 400m in front and Mohammad Saiful 200m in front. I sped up a little and tried to close the gap but it was too late already. 200m in less than 2km left was quite impossible to chase down and I guess they sped up too like me so my acceleration didn't change the situation and the hills at the last few km were quite terrible so my mind was settled with #6.


When approaching the finishing line, at about 50m left Shu Wei shouted and said I was holding #4 or #5 position! I didn't know I should believe him or not because I kept having the impression that I was #6. 50m more to find out! I crossed the line, organizer handed me the tag! OMG, #5! I couldn't believe it for a while! I made it and with a not so bad timing, GPS distance 20.7km, time 1:28:11! It's a 1:30:01 HM if I converted it to 21.1km sharp. LOL, I should have pushed a little more to make it a sub-1:30 but OK with this too! Didn't know where the #5 runner went, perhaps I missed count. LOL, ok, that was the good news! So happy because all this happened unexpectedly!

There were a few junctions without marshal and the direction was unclear. It was clearly a mistake from the organizer. It's so disappointed later we found out Suit Mei went wrong route because of this. She was definitely one of the top 3 if she didn't ran wrongly. So disappointed! This seriously needs to be improved!

10k heroes. The champion Mike and the 8th place JJ

She came for the support!
Too bad that she didn't join, she could win too if she did!

Prizing ceremony

There was an interlude at the prizing ceremony too. My position was dropped to #6. I was quite disappointed at first when they gave me the no.6 plaque because my tag was no.5! Then only we found out there was a mistake in the result. The first runner up didn't finish the course and he crossed the line earlier. After settling with the organizer, they corrected our prizes and I got my hard earn RM200 money back! If not I would be damn sad. #6 has no cash prize so the difference of 1 position actually meant a lot! LOL! It would be not so disappointing if I was given a #6 tag at first.

The "disappointing" moment! LOL!

Men Open - Top 20!

Confidence boosted

This was my last race before SCKLM and I'm happy about it. It boosted my confidence level. I know where I stand now. I hope the 2 tapering weeks starting from today will do me good in the SCKLM.

You can see my running stats and how Michael ran so lonely in this Strava link. :D

Side track, the #tracktuesday squad did quite well over the weekend. The Saturday morning started with Adele and SWC good news, they won #4 and #2 in Terengganu race in their category respectively. Then followed by William #3 in IMU 10km. Then this Firefighter night HM, Mike got champion in 10km and I got #5 in HM. The next day Angel won #6 in BHP race! Welldone mates!