What happened in 2017?

Hand itchy want to write something here. It's been a while since I last came here, exactly 1 year since my last update and coincidently it was also the SCKLM! I just ran the same SCKLM last month! I didn't run much last year. Only total of 6 races. So what exactly happened after the SCKLM last year?

PAR 13

I joined PAR relay. Teamed with Charmayne, Lucas, Cola and Eddy. They jio-ed me last minute to replace a friend. I ran 2nd leg and fuck, I did all out but only managed to do 4:18 pace. So slow! I can easily do sub-4 pace few years back! Haha, ok, things changed in few years! I grew older!

Wind Runner team!


Then I joined the KL iconic race PJ HM and bonked half way. I planned to do 4:30 pace but end up 4:45. What a joker! Went home with empty hands.

PJ HM - Trying hard to smile with puncit face

GE Relay

Then I joined Qiao Yun, Khairul, Teck Wai and Voon Leong for a relay in Klang. It was my only podium race in 2017, haha! Thanks to all my teammate. We got 2nd runner up! Luckily I was not the slowest. Teck Wai was few seconds slower than me! Hahahahahaha! Pffttt. I'm so bad. LOL! We could win 1st runner up if I pushed a bit more. We were just few seconds behind the 1st runner up!

Tumpang Podium in GE Relay. Haha!


Not sure why my hand itchy and I signed up for Seremban HM. I actually did quite well but still not up to the podium standard yet. I did 4:31 pace in the HM! The best effort of the year! I got the almost amkan position which is 22nd. Luckily not the most amkan position 21st (as if it made any difference). LOL! Went home with empty hands again.


No kidding, I bonked after 10km end up almost couldn't make it to sub-2 HM. It was 500m under distance and I did 1:56:30. I had never run this slow. It was my 2nd slowest HM in the history. The slowest was the first HM I joined in 2009. LOL. Wend home with empty hands again.

So total of 6 runs in 2017! All screwed up. I was supposed to join the Melbourne Marathon in October, but it clashed with my daughter graduation! No choice, it's my daughter, I couldn't miss it.


Then this year, the first race I ran was SCKLM which just happened last month. It was the 10th anniversary and I'm the loyal supporter of the race since the first year so I didn't want to miss this year too. I set my target to sub-4 and I did just nice, 3:58:24! As usual, SCKLM is the race that I can't miss and luckily I made it this time.

Ngam ngam sub-4 in SCKLM

Well, I just started some sort of “serious” training again, that's why I started to write. Hopefully I can maintain it this time. No slack! LOL! I signed up a lot of races too! See you guys on the road!